SORES ON TOUNGE sick chick please help


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Sep 30, 2012
On MARCH 29TH I got 4 Lav Orps. 6days old.
3 striving fine 1 smaller weaker.
I have them on start and grow non med :(
I did give sulmet and save a chick probiotic last week and it started strong again.
This am weak but peeping and wanting to sungle
Now looking like its passing from cocci......
I gave some B12 corid and sugar water. It did consume 2cc of fluids this A.M but now it seems to be gasping and weak, wings hanging.
I just noticed sores on its tounge like small ulcers 3 total.
Does anyone know what the ulcers could be from?
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white or yellow sores in the mouth of chicks could be Canker. This is a protozoa that effects birds. birds can be treated with Flagyl or spartrix to cure. Symptoms of Canker include yellow or white sores in the mouth loss of appetite weakness frequent swallowing watery eyes. could have a foul smell. they might have a extended if your bird has cocci you will want to treat with Corid.corid will kill all 9 strains of cocci while other medication only kills Some strains. hope this helps out. good luck.
Thank you for the advise, the Lil sweetie just passed.
I think it had as you suggested the canker issue, it did seem to eat less and had a hard time swallowing the last few days. Too bad I just noticed the sores today. Seems every chick is a learning experience. I always get attached to the sweet weaker ones. I'm sad it passed, next time I will examine the chick better to sooner respond to its needs.
Is the canker contagious? Should I treat the others that seem strong and fine?
Again, Thank you......
if it was canker it is contagious but I wouldn't treat the others unless they show signs of it. treatment might be hard on their little systems. but if they show any signs then I'd treat immediately. clean and disinfect there water bowl and food container. I'm so sorry for your loss
Six day old chicks cannot get canker. Canker incubation time is 2 weeks. I suspect the sulmet caused the ulcers. Sulmet can be toxic if not properly mixed or overdosed. Also, sulmet only treats 2 types of cocci.
I over looked the fact they were that young! your correct! above post is correct. I thought they were older. I'm sorry about that.
Thank you for your reply Flock Master

Here is my story; I obtained these Lav Orp 5 weeks ago when meeting some guy at the feed store who was selling call ducklings $20 each.
I went to pick them up and he and his partner practically had every type of bird known. "That could be bad for spread of disease"
I was quickly handed two call ducklings and he did not give me a chance to really check them out. He said they were to delicate and he assured me he saves the best for last if he has to get stuck with any."I'm a sucker, Right?
Anyways he had some chicks 6 days old as well and I told him I would purchase one, he gave me 4 in case some were cockerels???
So $50.00 2 call ducks 4 chicks. I think he was getting rid of his headaches on me.
Now the one duck which looked weak and neurological when I got it home died on the second week. It had bright green poops and seemed to have seizures with flipping over backwards legs were always weak. I did the whole niacin b12 water therapy etc. At the end I was thinking lead poison but how would a duckling ingest lead?
The other duckling great!!! Same with this chick it may have been just a weaker chick that I have saved twice before or it was harboring some sort of disease.

The sulmet I did mix properly. 2tbs to a gallon of water. I mixed it slight lighter since they were so young. I also gave them pro-biotic save a chick and electrolytes also a tad of B12 polyvit. for birds. It was not till that morning I posted for help that the chick went down hill fast and I did give some corid but most likely not soon enough. I did notice the 3 small clean round ulcers on its tongue. The others do not have them as I checked today.
I will still isolate them for the next 30days++ till I know for sure they are safe.
I searched images of canker sores and the photos do not match. These were ulcers like a human would get white, flat and round.
Were you suggesting the Lil chick had the cocci virus?
Thanks for any input
I will feed the medicated feed for now. Before I start the others I will do a run with corid in their drinking water.
Maybe the sulmet was hash on the Lil one. The photos I searched for canker sores did not look the same.
I need to just enjoy what flock I have so that I don't introduce any newbies or disease to them.

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