Sorry excuse for a crow...


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Jun 4, 2009
Hudson, FL
So, I have 4 chicks that grew into 3 hens and a rooster...they're about 4 months old and the rooster has made a few attempts at making noises but we've been waiting on him to wake us up one morning with a loud crow...

So Saturday morning I hear what sounded like an old dying dog howling...I didn't pay any attention until I looked out and saw that it was my rooster making that horrible sound...

I'd heard him at one point trying to sound like the ducks that perch in our trees, and maybe his crow is from hearing the neighbor dog howling every once in a while. I think all he would have to do is hear another rooster and he'd eventually get it right.

During the week I wake up earlier than the chickens and let them out into their run so he doesn't crow...I guess they're too busy playing and eating breakfast for now.

Once he gets it down though he'll be moving out.
I had a buff cochin roo that sounded like he was broken when he crowed. I also have 3 other cochin roos that were crowing fairly normal sounding, but eventaully they all started crowing real well. Maybe it just takes time.

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