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Apr 6, 2009
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my 17 year old is 17 weeks pregnant and last week they did the test for birth defects. well the test came back abnormal. her ultrasound was scheduled for march 17th. they moved it up to this friday. Please pray the test was wrong. I dont know how much more stress I can handle atthis moment . I have to help my other dd with her baby(trach) ... my husband is working out of town this week and I cant get ahold of him and I really need him right now. where he is he doesnt get a good cell phone signal...thank you

UPDATE: my daughter had her ultrasound...ITS A GIRL!!!! they said forget the test results.. she isnt as far along as we thought. she is 15 weeks... they are gonna do another ultrasound in a month to get a better look at the spine. he couldnt get a real good look... but so far baby looks great. we can redo the test in a month or so but we decided against it
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Keeping you guys in my prayers!
I am so tired of all this bad stuff.... I know she will keep the baby if something is wrong but I am so exhausted at the moment, I am tired of this stupid emotional rollercoaster I have been on for the last year... thank you for your prayers.
I am praying for you and both your DD and their babies

Can I just say when i was pregnant with my 4th baby my bloods came back abnormal for Downs or CF. I went for a detailed scan and then a 'can't remember the name of it, you know when they put a needle in your belly'??? Anyway, it all came back clear and my boy is 9 this year and absolutely fine so fingers crossed the doctors have got it wrong
Okay, if it's the AFP (which it sounds like it is, given the time frame and what it is testing for), it's important to know that the test has a very high occurrence of false positives. I actually refused to even have it done with my last three due to that.

Hopefully that is the case for you all, that it is a false alarm!

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