Sort of meat related but funny


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Mar 22, 2009
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This isn't meat bird stuff but I figured ya'll would get a kick out of it.

We have been having problems with broken/eaten eggs lately and our RIR's are always the ones with the eggy beaks. We decided that when our Buff Orps started laying in a few months we would go ahead and butcher the RIR's. Well today I went out and see if there were any eggs and caught my husbands HORSE with her head in the nest box munching eggs. A HORSE?! I guess out of curiosity she started mouthing the cover of the roll out/collection bin on the nest and found she could open it. Don't have a clue of why she started breaking the eggs. The RIR's are just waiting for her so they can clean up the mess. They can barely stretch far enough to reach the broken eggs. I guess I'll put a latch on the cover and see if the RIR's start breaking the eggs so they can keep eating them. If they do then this WILL be a meat bird thread.

You can kind of see the collection area in this pict. The horse puts her head through the pipe fence.

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AH HA!!! I just KNEW my horse wasnt the only egg eating skunk in the world!!! TOOOOO funny!!!

I hope your horse hasnt turned you hens into egg eaters though- thats NOT funny.
I put the lid on the "egg bin" to keep the dogs out. I guess I'll have to put a lock on it to keep the horse out. I can extend the depth of the collection area to help keep the chickens from reaching the eggs if I need to.
I bet your RIRs are relieved to be spared the chop! Didn't you notice them pointing their wings and clucking "it's the HORSE, blame the horse, it's all his fault!"
Does Rosetta Stone have a chicken program? I'm not very fluent in it but I need to brush up. I think one of my pullets is trying to tell me she is a he but I'm not quite sure.

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