10 Years
Dec 6, 2009
My new BSL baby chick acts sluggish. She opens her mouth like she swallowing water. She sits around more than the others. Any suggestions. They are 2+ wks old not been around anything poisonous only in there cage with food and water. She sleeps more than they do.
UPdate. Her crop is distended. I gave her 2 very small drops of oil and 2 very small drops of water and she regurged some clear saliva liquid and went back to her corner.
Nothing but starter. I have put her by herself and she is chirping up a storm. Is that a good sign
Oh I don't know about the pooh. I have 6 in a cage. But there is only one pooh that I see that is slightly runny and brown. I have seen it like that before and none of them were sick.
update, I may have gotten some of the water in her ear. She started scratching and shaking her head. Not continuously but some. Poor baby chicks I am a bad momma.
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That sounds like cecal poo and is normal. She might have eaten some shavings--rare for them to eat enough to cause a problem, but possible. Can you get her some chick grit? Seperation is good, don't want the others to gang up on her and make it worse. As far as the chirping goes, how does it sound? They have the happy chirp, the distress chirp, the I'm too cold chirp......Not much help I know, but you're going to have to decide that one.
It is the Im lonely chirp. Where is everybody Grit is a great idea. Thanks. only thing is the grit outside(all I have) is wet which is probably ok if I can get her to eat it. Thanks for the advice. It is nice to know someone is out there thinking about me.
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Update, well there is secretion that is clear and has some thick white in it. I truly think it is pooh but not sure. Do chickens puke?
None of mine have, but I've read of stuff coming out of hens with sour crop. I really don't know anything about that, hopefully somone else will see this that does. Can you post some pictures?
no they don't vomit, it is probably poo. it sounds like it is not eating. I had a little chick go through the same thing last year, he ate the bedding at the feed store I think. see if the crop goes down over night and don't try to give it anymore water for now. It can aspirate if the water has no where to go but back up. hopefully someone with more knowledge will chime in, good luck.

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