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Alright, there was another post in the Ducks forum about hens & drakes and their noise levels. Someone posted about their noisy ducks and in the post said the following about their rooster,
Yeah, well i live in a SMALL neighborhood, directly in the city. It is illegal for me to have a rooster, but i have one anyway. He sleeps in the garage overnight in his own little isolation chamber (which is really soundproof) and comes out in the yard at noon.

I messaged them to ask for more info on the "soundproof" room in the garage for the rooster but have heard nothing back. If we could keep our roo quiet from say 11 PM to 6 or 7 AM, that would be a dream come true. So, anyone else heard of this or have any success with it? I had thought that if we tried to soundproof the coop, we'd then have to have forced ventilation, etc and it would get to costly. We put our rooster down last week because he was crowing at 4 AM. Though we're legal to have roosters where we are, there are several homes near enough that it's not very good for neighbor relations.​
plywood 1 inch insulation ply wood 1 inch insulation plywood put on 4 2by 2s and drill 12 holes on the bottom of it and put a roosT Aand a hen iin there before going to sleep the hen is to give hime compant dureing the night 100 percent soundproof

someone told me about this... i think i need to build some... the city came down on my friend (neighbor) and i'm afraid i'm next...
Hatching Fever, how big overall? Would 4 feet by 4 feet by 3 feet deep be big enough? Would that have enough air, besides what the 12 holes provide?

I assume air is what the 12 holes are for? What diameter for the holes? Quarter inch or half inch?

I built my coop, and adding a soundproof rooster suite would be easy.

I could make several rooster suites if it works!

We lived in a duplex rental with access to a basement. We kept them in a room in the basement without a window. No special caging. No one heard/complained. [footnote]

Now in a house (and where they are legal, so we don't have to hide him), we just bring them inside the garage or if very cold, the house- always every night. You can hear him outside the house, but you need to actually be close to the house to hear him. So, our neighbours might hear him if they are going out to their car or getting the mail, but they will not be woken up by him. This works out perfectly well- and is no worse than responsible dog ownership in a city/suburb with noise ordinances... you bring them inside if they are making a racket, and when they calm down, let them out again.

FOOTNOTE: I shoudln't say that *no one* complained. But no one of any importance- in other buildings, complained. But our neighbour, who lived int eh unit sharing a wall with us, of course, could hear him clearly. He however does not count :) as he'd come home drunk every night at 3 am and BLASTED his stereo as loud as possible, so that no matter where we went in our apartment, we could hear the lyrics perfectly clear. It was usually the slower beatles stuff too, like "Norwegian wood"

So every night at 3:01 am the police got a phone call from us, they'd come out, he'd turn the music down for about 5 minutes, then blast it again....

So when our 3 silkies began to mature, and one was clearly a rooster, we said, @#$%^-this, if he's goign to blast music, we're keeping the rooster.
So every night at 3:00, drunk neighbour comes home, blasts music, and our rooster starts crowing along. (He also crowed whenever anyone flushed the toilet in either apartment; thankfully, our current roo rarely crows at/with anything so its not uncommon for people to come over and not even know we have him until I bring him out to show them)

Ah the memories!
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I'm so glad I asked! I like the idea of building him a suite within the coop. Our coop is pretty roomy. I too would love pics and a little more detail on it.
I had also wondered if having them in a completely dark place would help. When my grandmother raised canaries she always covered their cages with a towel or blanket at night. I have wondered if the moonlight was leading to more nighttime wake time. If it's noise though, we live right next to the woods and the trees swaying in the wind creak a lot.
Making a soundproof box for rooster at night is great but my rooster crows during the day all day so unless you keep him in a sound proof box all day it will be hard to hide a rooster.
I don't know about others here, but I only want to keep him quiet during the night. We can have roosters here and I am not aware of anyone being unhappy with his presence other than our nearest neighbor who mentioned the rooster gets him up early on the weekends (he's up and gone before 6 AM during the week).
I agree - they do crow during the day and it can be loud. I've noticed though that I hear a great many more dogs barking all day long than my rooster crowing.
I think we'll give this a try and see if we can keep a rooster again. It was tough to put down our big guy and I worry more about the girls free ranging now without him.
I have a polish roo at present that needs to go to the crock pot.

A neighbor of mine put their roo in a box every night. Pain in the rear, but no one could hear....

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