Sour crop and swollen body?? *PLEASE HELP* chicken is weak and not eat

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    Aug 5, 2011
    A few days ago I noticed that Simba's stomach seemed swollen; i didn't really know much about it so i checked to see if she was egg bound, which she didn't seem to be, and she seemed absolutely fine otherwise (although her comb had bent over a little.) Over the next few days this seemed to go down and i did some research and decided just to keep monitering it.
    However two days ago she was acting really unhappily, standing in a shaded corner of their field and not pecking at anything thrown down for them, she would still make an effort to move around and occasionally look at the food on the floor (plus she stayed outside rather than retiring to the house). Yesterday evening her crop was very watery and i felt some kind of hard 'thing' in there- it felt like impacted corn or something but was only small- perhaps the size of a thumb nail. Today I felt again, but there was nothing there, apart from the liquid and so i decided to help her throw it up (but now i've found out apparently it can kill chickens??!?!?!) and she was such a good girl and we emptied her crop entirely. I saw on another post that this was a good way to deal with it:
    You have to withdraw food for 24 hours, give water with unfiltered apple cider vinegar (changes the pH in the crop), then start with plain yogurt (nothing with sugar), then scrambled eggs--nothing her crop has to grind up. Massage it carefully, not pushing up on it, a couple times a day.

    but i'm concerned that this would stress her out loads as she'd have to be separated from her little crew. Also, i can't seem to make her eat much at all, she ate a few seeds after she threw up which pleased me but then i popped her back with the others and threw seed out for them all and she ignored it. I don't know how i can make her eat and i'm worried she's becoming weak.

    I'd be interested to know if there's anyway these two issues could be related.. and what would be an approriate response to both?
    Also; have i hurt her by getting her the vomit?? I feel awful now, i'd read that it was okay and i came back after having done it and everything is now telling me it kills them! It took about 4 attempts in total, she was pretty calm the whole time and i obviously gave her a break inbetween each. She tried to drink it back, too.

    EDIT: it's the next night now and i'm so worried about her; i haven't seen her eat and she's just lying down, she won't eat anything at all. I've tried yoghurt (i managed to make her eat the tiniest amount this morning.) I really don't know what to do! Should i keep emptying her crop out?? if she does eat with sour crop, will she be able to digest- i'm 99% sure there's no impaction) PLEASE how can i help her??? I made her vomit this morning and i stopped just before we had finished because she was bringing up a few grains of food and some brown, fiberous material... i can not feel an impaction though and there was only liquid yesterday so i don't understand what that could have been.

    Simba's now been moved into a guinea pig hutch so that i can give her food etc without the rest gobbling it all up. i made her sick about half an hour ago and concocted a yoghurt/oat/water solution which, after a little 'force feeding' she began to peck at and eat which was fantastic. I tried to get her to drink some of her water/apple cider vinegar mix but she wasn't having that.. However, i'm really concerned about the liquid in her crop. As i said, i emptied it just half a hour ago and about ten minutes later it was already full to the same level again. I didn't make her throw up again because she'd (finally) eaten. One odd thing i noticed, when i was really making her eat (i was holding her and putting tiny amounts in her mouth- she was swallowing it though) she made weird movements with her neck- suggesting a blockage, right? I can't find anything. This may be an odd question; but what shape is a chickens neck supposed to be? her's is a smooth curve but on the curve there is what seems to be a little deformity, it almost seemed like it was fractured perhaps? But maybe all chicken's are like this. Maybe i was holding her uncomfortably or she was just recovering from thowing up. she hasn't done it anymore, when she's been eating more voluntarily.
    When i left her in the hutch she just stood there, not moving at all. staring. i'm so worried about her.​
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    I've been dealing with impacted crop for a 2 month old silkie. I'm posting progress on it on another thread. I think you are doing good but I would bring her in where you can tell how much she is eating and pooing. That will tell you if there is an obstruction or just sour crop. I haven't been very successful inducing vomiting but what I read was that they could drown if you don't keep their head down at the right angle. Sounds like you did it perfectly. I wouldn't give her seed or anything really solid until you are sure there is no obstruction.
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    Aug 5, 2011
    thanks for your reply-i'll try to find your post.
    Do you think it would upset her is she's kept alone? i'm worried it will only make things worse. I'm going to go and take them all some yoghurt now and try to make it seem utterly irrestistable to her so hopefully she'll eat some!

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