Sour Crop not clearing up


6 Years
Oct 21, 2013
One of our chickens (just under a year old) was acting sluggish last week which turned out to be sour crop (large squishy crop and stinky breathe, plus vomit as soon as we started massaging the crop). We vomited her a few times and gave her ACV water but withheld food for about 24hrs. Then we gave her scrambled eggs with layer pellet mash for a day or two with the ACV water. after that we gave her garlic in scrambled eggs and probiotic water. We've been massaging the crop as often as we can.

My worry is that, though she is MUCH better, acting normally, pooping normally (though not as much because of restricted food) her crop is still a bit large in the morning when she hasn't had anything to eat all night.

it's been just about a week since I noticed her symptoms, should I be concerned that she isn't better or just give it a little longer? Might she have a bit of impacted crop that is why she has a large crop in the morning, but maybe it's in a position so it doesn't interfere with digestion that much?

Other thoughts or suggestions on where to go from here?

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