Sour Crop/ vet


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7 Years
Aug 15, 2012
Rhode Island
So I noticed my barred rock throw up 2 days ago , and she appears to have sour crop. I brought her to the vet right away, and the vet suctioned out some of the crop, and prescribed nystatin. I've been giving her 2 doses of the nystatin, and also probiotics. I am on day 3, she us still very active , and the crop has not gotten worse. The vet re commended 2 weeks of treatment. Does anyone know how long it should take to see the crop go down ? Like I said, we just started day 3, so I'm hoping within the next couple days we ll be able to see if the treatment is working. I give it to her with syringe, but am always nervous it's going diwn wrong side of her mouth and that she's not getting it.

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