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    Quote:Sourland I know how you feel. I had cluster migrans most of my life. They would last for weeks. I even went to the hospital by ambulance had off the chart high blood pressure caused by the headaches. Did MRI's, Cat scans doctor said learn to deal with them. You name it we tryed it.
    Had to do PT for a shoulder injury, and it made the migrans sooooo BAD. When I told the doctor she sent me for a xray, she followed me to the hospital to look at the xray. The first thing she ask was when did I have a neck fusion, told her never she showed me a natrual fucion on the xray C5 to C6 , I was born with it, thanks mom. After a few more test we found out that that C4 and C7 were all messed up. Any way they fusioned C4 to C5 and decided to wait on doing C6 to C7 until later, will lose all movement in my neck then. I have not had any migrans since then, that was 4 years ago. It was the BEST thing I have ever done, getting that fusion done saved my life. I haven't changed much that do I just learned to do some things differntly, Tho only thing I have given up was riding the horses. Was told if I fell and hurt that part of my neck, C6 and C7, area I could become a quad and being parilised (sp) from the neck down is not how I want to live.

    I truely hope you find some relieve from your headaches

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    Feel better soon my friend.

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    Feel better soon! [​IMG]
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    Hey, guys, I'm OK. Thanks for the concern. I've learned to live with these things. My problem is that I fight them (think of the word HATE) when I should take my meds and sleep them off. No fool like a ornery, stubborn, old fool. [​IMG] Hope Tanichca doesn't see that admission or I'm in for brutality. [​IMG]
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    I had headaches daily following 2 doses of a vaccine.Did all the tests for years,and many doctors just threw up their hands to say,"Sometimes these things happen." Very frustrating.Around 10 years or so later I got pregnant and the headaches stopped.I still get them sometimes,but atleast not everyday. The hormonal changes from pregnancy must have set something straight in me that the vaccines whacked out.

    Healings for you! I remember how difficult it was to work when they started,and I used to work 16 hours a day as a nurse aide.The headaches ended that.
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    My Mom was a chronic migraine sufferer. Post menopause they disappeared. I had them in my20's/30's--then they went away. About 20? years ago I was a 'guinea pig' in a Lyme disease vaccine development program. I had the actual vaccine rather than the placebo. Shortly after, the migraines reappeared???????
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    Sour, I'm sorry I missed the thread on your headaches. I'm glad you are feeling better. [​IMG]
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    i started getting migraines at puberty, and had them regularly about every 2 months. for the last 2 years (i'm 32) i've been taking gabapentin for mood stability and the plus has been no more migraines! i'm glad you're feeling better, and sorry for anyone suffering through migraines.

    my mom started getting them with menopause, and what seems to help her the most is advil cold & sinus and a cool dark room.

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