South Western Ontario - EE chicks?


8 Years
Jul 18, 2011
Southwestern Ontario Canada
Hi all
I'm preping for my purchase of chicks in spring and am searching out places to buy day olds within driving distance to me.
I'm located in the Windsor, Ontario area and I'm willing to drive a couple (2-3) of hours to get my chicks when I am ready. (April)

I have seen a couple of hatcheries in that large driving area, but they tend to carry SexLinks, Barred Rock and such. (nothing wrong with these birds, just got some and want something different)
I was hopping to get an Easter Egger chick or two.

As I only need 3 chicks this spring, I'm open to non commercial farms, but I just don't know were to go?
Show quality is NOT needed. CUTE quality is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rocky Road

8 Years
May 14, 2011
I have two flocks, one is with a barred rock rooster and some partridge rock hens and one americauna cross hen (she's white with fluffy cheeks). The other flock is a hybrid layer rooster and light sussex hens. I am a little north of London, ON. If you are still looking for chicks in the spring let me know. I have an incubator and can separate certain eggs if you like.

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