Southeastern PA - Ideal order tagalong?


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Apr 9, 2011
Is there anyone within a reasonable distance of Royersford area (preferably an hour or less?) who is ordering from Ideal Poultry? I have a strong want for a single male Jaerhon and am having difficulty finding any at all, much less any nearby! I am interested in this any time in the next year or so, or until I settle for a different breed...

Please contact me before you place your order if you're interested in adding a little guy for me! Especially since I still need to convince the man around here that we NEED a roo (even though we don't need a roo, like I said, I have a strong want for him!).

Note: if this were to happen, I'd want to have him raised with other chicks until the appropriate age for adding to my existing flock, and would be very happy to make a deal for 3-5 months of care with someone who is experienced raising chicks and has healthy birds to help pay for feed plus some extra for care (and to learn from someone who is experienced and has healthy birds in my area!!)

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