Southern States chicken feed?


8 Years
Feb 12, 2011
Reidsville, NC
Hi! I was in my local Southern States farm supply store and seen where they sold chicken feed. I was wondering does anybody use this for their chickens? My chickens HATED Dumor's brand and were happy to get their Layena back! What is your opinion or what is your chickens opinions?
It's all the feed my feed stores in my area have so it's all I've fed to my duck and chickens since I've had them. The like it, and egg production is always good during these warmer Florida months. I'm not sure if my feed is the same as yours, but on the bag it says "All vegetarian feed" which from the ingredients, seems to be a fact.
I only use Southern States....I have tried the Purina ones before, but it is the same and SS is near my home so I have used for it 15 yrs. now. My chickens do fine and the egg production in the warmer months is very good...winter too if I remember to keep a light on them.
I feed layena, but have fed SS. I felt like the SS I was feeding they would eat alot more of it. My horse only eat SS with good results. BUT that being said layena cost way more.
I am glad I found this thread, I was wondering about the SS brand! The closest feed store is a SS. Does anyone know the price for a 50# bag? Money is super tight right now but growing chickens need to eat!

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