Southern Tier New York


5 Years
Jun 13, 2016
Lindley ny
I'm new to everything with keeping my flock, but like many i've been reading through the information on BYC a lot and really can't say thanks enough. Wanted to start a thread so bring people from the southern tier together, I know the in person advice has been invaluable to me. I'm in Lindley Ny and keeping a flock of month old Barred Rocks. Love to hear where your at and what you raise.
Hello and welcome from Olean/ Hinsdale area in the Southern tier ny too!
We have barred rock

Buff Orpington

And featherfooters and Silkies
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Like i ssid,im new to this also! Last year we DID NOT heat our koop. BUT it wasn't a super cold winter compared to most. I guess it depends on the # of birds, the size of your koop, and the construction of your koop. My koops are insulated and draft free, but do have proper ventilation. I understand the birds do not fair well if drafts blow directly on them.
I hope you enjoy your chicken adventure as much as we do!!! Our whole family takes part in many hours of fun entertainment just watching them be chickens. That sounds stupid, but they are entertaing as all get out. Plus the barred rock are great layers and provide us with farm fresh eggs daily!

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