Southwestern Stylin'


9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
I am anticipating a move to NM (from NC), and looking for a stylish backyard coop design, that will go with our southwestern style home. Anyone have any suggestions?
Go check out the coop design page. Yhere are several factors to consider. Size, free range, etc. I think you will find something that you like
Find the New Mexico thread and introduce yourself and ask the same question.

They might tell you to use pallets.
if you will live near santa fe or Albuquerque paint it adobe.

we live in the panhandle. it is dry and windy. for some reason, people dont' use treated wood here. just me i guess.

enjoy your move. many parts of NM are gorgeous!

it is different. directions for under 50-75 miles are given by pointing. it is wide open!

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