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    Yesterday I was dolling out the usual scratch grain rations when I noticed a strange seed. I didn't think much of it at the time, but after I found more, I knew it wasn't a mistake. It was a soy seed. Now, this wouldn't be such a problem if I hadn't started raising my own chickens to get away from the Big Productions at the grocery store that use soy and corn 24/7. Also, why is the soy there if I bought the 50-50 (half corn, half wheat) type that my local feed store sells? I don't feed my chickens scratch all the time, but I use it often in the winter to keep my flock warm when they go to bed, and it also helps when they have something to do under the coop when it snows heavily. Everything is okay in moderation, but when you feed scratch to your flock every day in winter (the comb-chilling months) A thread in BYC forums has some interesting discussions on soy. The link:
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    Was it just an errant piece, or is it mixed throughout your scratch? It's possible that if the mill that produces your scratch also processes soy, a few pieces may have fallen in with your batch of scratch. It might be worth asking your feed store where the product comes from, and contacting them to ask. Once in a while I will find a piece of corn in my sunflower seed -- it's just a mistake that gets in there because they mill more than one type of grain.
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    Are you positive that it is Soybean?
    Most feed mills don't use Whole Soybean, they use Soybean Meal unless some one has a custom order that called for Whole Roasted Soybean.
    As for why it was in there, It could have been what was left in the mixer for a previous mixing.

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