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    i was told you can buy regular 14% chicken mash, and add soy bean meal to bump up the protien and feed that to all birds, peas, chickens, turkeys, guineas. i was going to look into doing this too. id like to be at just around 20% protien. does anyone else do this, and what is the ratio of mash to soybean meal? id be working with a 50 pound bag of mash at a time, so how much of the soybean meal would i add to that to get 20% protien. i think he said the soybean meal was 48%, if im not mistaken. is this even a more cost effective way to feed?
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    Apr 23, 2009
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    90 lbs of your 14% chicken feed to 10 lbs Soybean Meal Solvent 44% ( 49%protein ) will put you at 17.5% crude Protein.

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    What makes you think that it will be cheaper than just buying a 20% balanced ration?

    By mixing a balanced formulation with other ingredients you may be changing the energy level of the feed and will be diluting the vitamins and mineral content of the feed which are included at certain percentages to make it a balanced ration.
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    Simply adding soybean meal will probably result in a reduction in the Lysine content of the diet, possibly to a deficiency level which will drop production.

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