Yep, it's fine. Rule of thumb is 4sqft space per bird in coop and 10sqft per bird in the run.

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Yep that's great! Also if you don't mind me asking.... Are you making a coop and if so I would love to see how it turns out and how much it cost. ThAnks! :D
I'd say....just barely.

The 4/10 'rule' is a basic minimum, IMO, not an absolute.....
.....there are many variables to consider when determining how much space will work well for a healthy chicken environment.

There are 2 articles linked in my signature on Space and Ventilation that are a must read for any new chickeneer.
I have great news everyone! My dad is giving me Haft the shed for the chickens which is around 60 sq ft I think. Which is more than enough space for 8 birds right!? Also I got a pullet egg last night! !!!! :D I'm so happy!

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