Spangled chickens


12 Years
Feb 6, 2011
I bought a pair of Mille Fleurs and a pair of Spangled chickens at a swap meet. I know this is dumb but are the spangled chickens just a variation of the regular Mille Fleurs or are they a breed in themselves? They are smaller than the Milles, but I'm thinking they just might be younger. Anyway they are all very awesome little birds!
Spangling is a presentation of a specific set of genes. It can occur in any breed who carries the spangling gene.

So to answer your question: no, it is not a breed. The chicken is some sort of breed, which is presenting spangling.
other birds come in spangled...oegb for example. If you post pics we may be able to help you figure it out
The spangled birds are a bit smaller, I'm not sure if they're Milles or not. I can always go back to the swap meet and ask the gentleman. That is if the weather holds out for Saturday. I live in rural Missouri and every Saturday there are Farmer's Markets and small animal swap meets. Unfortunately there seems to be thunderstorms and/or tornadoes too! Hi, XYZ:)

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