Spanish Game Fowl. ( Most ancient breed of them all. )

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    The Spanish Game can be traced back to the birds of ancient Greece and Rome, they are the birds of antiquity.

    These birds appear on Greek and Roman pottery, mosaics also coins and fresco's etc. These birds are found on very old art from Carthage too.

    For thousands of years these small Bankiva fowl were the only breed of Game fowl that existed everywhere.

    But over the centuries they have become hybridised out of existence in just about ever country.

    Today ( the real ones ) are a very rare breed of Game fowl.

    They are the most incredibly beautiful fowl. They are also the most hardy and disease resistant.

    Spanish Game cocks weigh from 2lb 12oz to 3lb 12oz. The hens weigh from 1lb 12oz to 2lb 12oz.

    The main and original type or variety is the single comb Bankiva one.

    There are some sub varieties too, they are the Hennies and the Rose comb type.

    They are all bred separate.

    The vast majority of Spanish Game are Yellow legged. A small number come Gray legged. A few have Green legs too, but very few.

    ( A few Cuban Game fowl do have White legs, in fact the Cuban fowl only have Yellow and a few have White legs. )

    Spanish Game don't ever have White or Black legs and they don't ever have muffs, top knots or a pea comb and they never have a Mulberry face.

    They never come Cuckoo either but some Cuban Game fowl do.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Irish Eddie
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    How do you post a photo that you can view on this thread ?
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