Spazmatic Chickens and Dirty Water/Food

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Apr 23, 2014
Hi! Recently, I decided to get chickens. I was very excited and knew I was going to have to put some effort into it. No big deal!
I had three bins, my Wyandottes and ISA red in one bin, some of my Buff Orpingtons and Welsummers in another, and more Buff Orpingtons and Ameraucanas in the third. They all get along well, but I noticed two things (not good ones either); they would perch on top of their water dishes and food dishes and poop in them, and they have become quite spazzy. I can understand that they are at that age where perching is good. They are about a month old and they are still in the bins, big as they are. we are currently working on the coop, so they'll have to stay in the bins until the coop is finished. But what do I do about their water and food? I have to clean it twice or three times a day because it is filled with poop. Now I know, with chickens comes great responsibility, (actually, with any pet comes great responsibility) but can anyone give me advice on how to stop the chickens from perching and pooping in their food and water?

Also, I bought Grape nuts a while ago and I thought, Mmm, Grape Nuts. Used to eat these at my grandparent's house! So I tried them. Big mistake. I think my child self liked them a lot more
. So, being the conservative person I am, did not want to waste them. Am I able to feed them to my chickens? I don't want them getting sick, but I also don't want to waste a perfectly good box of Grape Nuts.

Glue/duct tape/whatever a funnel on top of the feeder, upside down of course. Fortunately, plastic funnels are usually pretty cheap at the dollar stores.

I think I would probably soak small quantities of the Grape Nuts well before giving them to chickens. You don't want them absorbing a lot of water in their gut -- I am picturing a blockage in the gut. I don't know that it would happen, but personally, I'd play it safe. Otherwise, I see nothing wrong with the cereal, myself.

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