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    Jun 5, 2014
    I have 12 Brahmas that or 22 weeks old. I know they aren't expected to lay until 26 weeks, however three days ago one hen laid one egg. It was small and round, but no eggs have been laid since. I was in the coop watching the chickens and noticed that one of the girls was trying to get in the nest box and was having trouble getting in. Do I need to modify the nest boxes due to the Brahmas being a larger breed? Could this be the reason that they aren't laying yet? Any advice?
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    If they are having trouble fitting then yes, make the nests bigger. But they probably aren't laying just because they just started. Generally, pullets will lay their first egg and then not lay again for a few days. Are they hiding their eggs by any chance?
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    Brahmas, because of their ponderous size, lack the self confidence to hop up to high places. This includes roosting perches and nest boxes. Also, anyplace that requires hopping up to needs a lot of space for wing flapping. Brahmas do this to assist in getting their wide bodies off the ground. It's a lot of work!

    If you've already built nests that are more than two feet off the ground, you might try providing them with ramps up to them.
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    Jun 5, 2014
    I've checked around and they aren't laying and hiding eggs. I bought a chicken coop with what I guess are standard size nest boxes and the roost bars in front, six boxes, three on three.. The hen that laid the one egg did so in the lower row, but the nest boxes all look like a hen has been sitting in them and moving the straw around. So, either one hen is getting in each box and manipulating the straw or multiple hens are getting in the boxes. I guess I'll wait a while longer and see what happens.

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