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    Jun 28, 2009
    I have a couple off hens that every now and then lay what looks like a speckeld egg but when I wash it with eggwash the spots come off. I have never fed oystershell and some off my eggcustomers have commented on how hard the shells are. could there be a problem for my hens?
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    Welsummer egg:

    The darker color is laid over a basic brown egg. It can be washed/scrubbed off. You may have some derivation of this.

    Fresh neighborhood eggs should have a thicker/harder shell. It's normal. They normally get better care and nutrition. Production eggs have thinner shells because they are fed just enough calcium in their diets to make a shell. They may sit in refrigeration for up to 6 weeks before they make it to the store shelves.

    In other words, you can tell your customers your eggs are far superior to "store boughten".
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    1 of our 2 Light Brahmas lays a "speckled"egg. It's brown with purple speckles that can be washed off. I thought at first that is was from her eating ink berries, but she hasn't had them in awhile and she still lays the "speckled" eggs. They are really pretty actually. Don't have any idea why only 1 would lay eggs like that [​IMG]
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    The brown pigment, that both makes the brown shell color AND the dark brown speckles on top, is derived from hemoglobin in the blood.

    Today I got a rare speckled egg from a beige egg layer. The speckles were so fresh they were still wet and, like moist dark blood, they smeared right off when I picked it up.

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