Speckled Sussex X Buff Orpington


Sep 16, 2016

Here are my two buff orpington x speckled sussex. One cockerel and one hen.
Definitely pretty birds. They may still get more patterning because of the length of time it takes the Sussex, or Jubillee to get the full pattern in their feathers. Might lighten or darken, as well. there are so many different way that they could have looked...lighter, darker gold, more reddish... more speckling. And, these are still young, so I am sure they aren't finished changing. Keep us posted. I am getting ready to put a Jubillee Roo with two Americauna, and one buff orpington. His two same aged hens were killed by a dog, and he was maimed, but is fine, now. Lonely, so I am going to let him have the older hens, and hatch off of those. Going to be interesting, I'm sure. The best looking medium sized rooster I ever had was White Crested Black Polish over Americauna. He looked like Rufio from "Hook". The colors were brilliant, and his tail was the long black Green. That dog killed him, too. He went to the pound 10 days ago. 12 years old, and decided to kill chickens. Basically starting over again. Really sad. Fences to repair that he tore open. Waiting for a little warmer, dryer weather. That being said...your little darlings are beautiful.

T Reeves

In the Brooder
Feb 18, 2016
Has anyone else tried crossing the BO and Speckled S? If so what did you think? I have two and they are really the most vibrant full of life chicks out of my little crew of babies. All 6 are doing great but the "Sussingtons" are just a notch or three above the others in vitality. What colour will they turn out? I don't know enough about the genetics to figure out the possibilities. Their colour seems more muted than the purebreds...

I am having so much fun watching all these littlelys.

I have a couple in the incubator right now. Speckled Sussex Rooster over a Buff Orp hen. Currently on day 3... fingers crossed
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