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Mar 21, 2018
Chicks are almost 5 weeks old. It is going to be in the 50's here for the next few days, with about three days or so around 58 to 60. Can the birds spend some time outside in these temps. NOt looking to leave them outside all day, just maybe a couple of hours or so, to let them get some sun....
Absolutely. When you put then out keep them in some kind of containment so they are easy to catch, you'd be surprised at how quick they are. Stay with them and observe. If they get cold they will let you know by a very plaintive peep. It's not like their normal happy chirping, it is so sad you will know something is wrong.

I've kept chicks a week older than yours outside overnight without supplemental heat with overnight lows in the mid 20's. Don't be too shocked if your chicks love that weather. Those down and feather coats they wear can really keep them warm.

But observe them and pay attention to how they act. Don't depend on a stranger over the internet, let them tell you what they like.

God luck and welcome to the adventure.
I would add one thing to my friend @Ridgerunner's post.....don't panic if they huddle up! That behavior doesn't always mean they're cold! Chickens - and chicks - don't like change, and seeing something besides each other and the sides of a box is a huge change. There are passing shadows, noises, even a little breeze on them they've never felt before. And even if they aren't really all that cold, there is still a temperature difference. That stuff is kinda scary - in a wonderful way. So they huddle as much for security as they will for warmth at times. Give them a little time if they do this....you'll soon know if it's uncertainty or cold. That "different peep" that Ridgerunner mentioned is a great clue. Observe them for a bit. If one or two venture out of the chick knot and start poking around, you have your answer! They may not even exhibit this behavior...they may hit the ground running and never look back. But sometimes we panic when they huddle and rush them back into the house instead of giving them a little time to adjust.

I raise mine outdoors from day one so they acclimate to temperature and surroundings almost immediately. They are tougher than they look! ;)

Good luck!! And welcome to BYC! Glad to have you.

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