Splayed/Spraddled Leg - An Alternative Approach?


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Apr 3, 2013
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I recently had a chick that hatched with splayed/spraddled legs, and had no luck with taping, wrapping its legs, or keeping it in a narrow cup. I used only the grip liner recommended in both the hatching tray and in the brooder, so I am not exactly sure what may have caused it. I pretty much tortured that poor chick by trying to fix the problem, and I am a bit paranoid about this happening again. I now have a new batch of button eggs that are due to hatch tomorrow, so I am hoping to be better prepared for this by looking at some other methods beforehand. While searching different bird threads, I came across this method.....

and thought it might be an easier alternative. It's basically two twisty ties with tapestry thread tied to each. From the original thread, it appears that this method worked on chickens. I guess if this happens again, I will go ahead and try this method, but I am wondering if anyone else has ever tried this method on a button quail with any success?
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If the chick hatches with spraddle leg and it is not caused from a slick surface in the incubator or brooder, than a couple of other things can cause it. Too high of temp during incubation will cause leg and feet issues, spraddle leg being one of them. Too low of humidity during incubation can cause dehydration and cause deformaties and genetics can play a part in spraddle legs as well.

On your next hatch, watch your temp and humidity closely. Use reliable thermometers and hydrometers.

I must say that you have an interesting set up here and should you ever have another case of spraddle leg, and you get this set up to work, please share it here! It always helps to show us all new ideas on how to save our chicks!
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Thank you, TwoCrows. I've also wondered about the humidity factor, as I've seen a few postings regarding this being the cause as you said. Also read where turning down the temp by 1 or 2 degrees at lock-down can help too, so I am trying this as well. Really hope not to be confronted with this problem again in the future...it was pretty traumatic what I put that little button through. Thanks again for your knowledge on this.

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