Splish Splish, I Was Taking a Bath…

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  1. RJSorensen

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    Just wanted to share a photograph of my little Banty OEG Silver Duckwing hen taking a dust bath this morning. The tub is, I think a horse grain trough, it is rubbery and playable yet very strong. The concoction inside is part dirt, part potting soil, some fire pit ash, and a dusting of DE. Who ever said that things about 'if pigs could fly' has not seen these birds get so deep down into the dirt, as to only have their head sticking out. And wozers! When they shake, the dust does fly.

    Anyway just wanted to share a view of one of my birds in action and show others what we have done, and seems to work for us. The tub is protected up underneath the eves of our coop, and stays dry most of the time, for winter dust bathing when the ground is frozen.


    Best to all and your birds,

  2. azygous

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    Dec 11, 2009
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    If there's any doubt that chickens are able to experience a state of complete bliss, seeing them dirt bathe should cure it once and for all.

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