Split book order?


12 Years
Nov 4, 2009
I wanted a copy of "Start Where You Are With What You Have", which is a small book, affordably priced at ten bucks.
But then there's another 10 bucks shipping and handling!!!

I'm not really willing to pay double for it ... then I got to thinking, I bet a lot of other people aren't, either.

So, who would like to split a book order?? I'll happily pack your books into a manila envelope and ship it Media Mail, which is 2.80 for up to a pound. And for the original shipping, we can split it up as many ways as there are people.

Twin City Poultry has a LOT of books;

And I'd like to make an order from there. I'm happy to front the money for all the books ordered (within reason, if you want a hundred dollars worth of books you probably don't need to split an order) and you can pay me when I have your books packed to you and weighed, so you have the exact Media mail charge - I am not going to charge for the envelopes, packing or time, just the books, splitting the original postage, and the exact Media mail charge, which is usually around 2.80, but I WILL ask them if it's cheaper to ship Priority and do it that way if you have something lighter than half a pound.

Who's in?
What a great idea. Thank you! I am in. I was looking for this book too. I can paypal/venmo/mail you cash whenever you are ready to send the book/books.

:highfive: I can't get the link to work. Do they happen to also have Pastured Poultry Profits by Joel Saladin? Seems like another very valuable resource. Any other titles you have your eye on? @RiverOtter

Woot! Thanks @Tre3hugger ,
They don't have Saladins book, but they have a lot of breed specific books, standards of perfection, Storey's Guides and Country Wisdom bulletins.

I'm thinking about also getting a couple of the bulletins and the Cornish Bantam book - if you want to concentrate on a breed, it seems they have a book for it.

If the link isn't working, if you Google "Twin city poultry books" it should come up.

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