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    I will have 8 plus split lavender araucana eggs for auction, these are all rumpless split breedings and only the one pen has a double tufted tailed split hen in it. The rest of the birds are all rumpless, however keep in mind you can still get tailed or part-tailed birds or even rumpless with rudimentary feathers. Will not be offering too many of these eggs. but here's your chance to get started on them as well.

    You can view our web site and or my BYC page for pics of this project. The breeders are black split (carrying lav gene) to black split, so potential hatch results would be approximately 25% lav, 50% black split lav, 25% straight black.

    Blue egg layers used only in this project, no brown or green hen egg layers used..
    See eggs from these birds inside basket compared to green eggs on outside of basket



    [​IMG]for looking
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