Split wings on chicks

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    This subject has probably been beat to death, but I've read so much information that's floating around it's hard to know what is correct. One knowledgeable person told me that a split wing on a chick was undesirable. That some of them would "fill in" and no longer appear to have a split wing as they matured, in which case they were carrying 1 split wing gene instead of 2. Two split wing genes would never fill in and look normal. I have chicks that are about a week old and most of them have a horrific split wing at this time. Some have it one one side, not the other, most have both wings that look split, and a couple show no signs of it whatsoever. With them all the same age and being raised together under the same conditions, doesn't that indicate the ones showing split wing are carrying the gene? Would some like to comment on this?

    Thank you.

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