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Jun 30, 2008
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I was just wondering how many people out there name their chickens? How many of you spoil them rotten. My husband said that I go to overboard on my chickens. I love them though and want them to have a good life. I do not plan on culling any of them. They are strictly for selfish pleasure and eggs. I love to take them treats and sit out with them. They are so funny sometimes. I have a barred rock that just follows me all over. When I go inside he will come right up to the deck and look inside my sliding glass door for me. To cute.... What do you all do to spoil your chickens. I could never start doing the incubator thing or my hubby would cull me, lol.


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Jan 12, 2007
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Absolutely guilty as charged...
My birds have their own chair, TV, radio and fan.
They get taken to the pet shops and to the drive throughs.
They get gifts for Christmas and birthdays.


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Jul 9, 2008
guilty! In the winter I cook for my chickens, they get instant porrige for breakfast on cold mornings and vegetable soup once a week if it is snowing or frozen. I have even caught my husband making spaghetti for them and giving them cans of sweetcorn. I came home once to find my kids had brought them in the house when they got wet and were styling their feathers with the hairdryer


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Mar 20, 2008
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Hahahaha All 32 of mine are named, all 32 of them are spoiled rotten and four of them are beyond spoiled rotten. They ride in the van with me, watch TV with DD, follow us all over and are just a nuisance. They get a hot breakfast each morning too. hehehehe

My DH does not even want to think about telling me my girls should not be spoiled...
I will hand him a carton of eggbeaters and he will get the idea real quick to zip it.
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Jun 30, 2008
Cadillac, MI
Yes I am constantly make mine things. In the summer that got all kinds of garden goodies. I even went out and bought watermelon for them. I have not had them in the winter yet. I got them on July 1st. Boy I thought I spoiled mine but car rides and tv's and radio's wow!!!!I have all mine named too. I just love this board and am so glad i found other people as crazy as me.


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Aug 25, 2008
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Are you kidding? Ours are: Audrey, Cajun, The Chef, Rice N Beans, Pot Pie, Kojak and Road Runner. Some of the chicks have names too: Annie and Hannibal (it pecks all the time!)

And ALL leftovers go to the chickens. We even buy veggies and fruit for them so they have it fresh. So, yeah, you are not overboard.


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Mar 18, 2008
Vancouver WA
ours are totally spoiled! all have names, and some like to come in the house and watch movies in the evening.
I mean, dod you see their coop.....it's built better then the house we live in!

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Aug 29, 2007
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Mine are spoiled rotten. Special treats, pen cleaned out more that it needs, water changed every single day, petted, named, talked to, supervised free-ranging in my fenced backyard, lighted pen, lighted roost, heat lamps in winter.....I'm thinking of fitting them for parkas......j/k!!! They are quite spoiled though!!


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Aug 25, 2008
Peoria, IL
Guilty! Gertrude, Isabel, Josephine, Laverne, Margaret, Nancy, Opal, Phyllis, Ruby & Shirley. They don't have a TV, but they free range every day and get lots of treats - yogurt, grits, Hamburger Helper, macaroni & cheese, biscuits & lots of other goodies. Not to mention their own pair of guard dogs.

And when they discovered the tomatoes in our garden this summer, we were forced to fence them (the tomatoes, not the chickens). But we left a few plants outside of the fence so the girls could still have some.

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