11 Years
Jul 10, 2010
southern AL
I think the girls have elected Cadbury as their spokesduck.

DH just sent me these pics

Cadbury came up on the deck to let him know they were out of food

Everybody else waiting at the end of the stairs to see if she's getting anywhere with convincing DH they were starving.

Attu decides to lend support.

That is hilarious -- and I love the photo series! It made me laugh out loud to imagine the scene unfolding, and the inner thoughts of the ducks....
I can't believe they can make it up those stairs.

2 of the runners were raised on the deck, Cadbury (the one already up there) and Ally, the fawn and white at the far back. The learned up and down the stairs pretty early to get into the yard and then back up to their hut on the deck.
I've never seen the other 2 runners try the stairs or the WH who seems to have figured it out by watching.

They have stairs to their pond, but those have a much shorter rise than the deck stairs.

The chicken is always on the deck. Would be fine if they didn't poop up there...
We had to block the stairs at one point because the 2 runners were always up there and now they only come up when they are out of food or they really really want peas and think we are being slow about getting them their peas for bed.

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