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    Hello All
    New to this forum so this is my first post. We have 10 Golden Sexlink hens running with no rooster. They have free open run to +/- 2500 Sq. Ft. of open yard area and a temporary 5'x10' roosting and laying coop. We get very nice large brown eggs but recently noticed that some of the spots on the shells were translating to spots on the yolks.
    Since we didn't recognise this we stopped eating the eggs and started a six day course of Sulmet in their water as recommended by our local feed store. So, we have a couple questions. 1) Any ideas about what this is or what might have caused it? And 2) We are under the impression that we should not start eating the eggs until ten days after stopping the Sulmet. The Sulmet did seem to stop the spotting but we also have seen a big drop in production, 50%!!!!!. But the chickens seem much healthier and the spots on the yolks are all but gone.
    Anyway, hello to all and please chime in with any ideas or suggestions.
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    The only experience I have with this is what my grandma calls "blood spots" which can be blood red or brown. From what I understand. they don't affect the egg quality in any negative manner. I guess if you had a picture of the spots on the yolk someone might be able to help more. Spots on the shell are natural protien deposits, and those happen on almost all eggs. Sorry I can't help more.

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