Spraddle leg --- incubator issue or genetic issue or ?

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  1. Hi!
    I suddenly find myself with 4 chicks hatched w/in the last week that need corrective 'hobbles' because of spraddled legs.
    I'm puzzled because 2 were 'hen-hatched' and 2 were 'bator hatched', and there are 3 different breeds involved.
    I have 2 Silkie chicks, a Cochin chick, and a Japanese chick --- hatched with spraddled legs.

    I've hatched an occasional chick that needs 'correction', but never 4 in one week.

    What might be the reason?

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    Sep 4, 2007
    I had a friend tell me once it is because they take to long to hatch. Dont know for sure I have had chicks hatch fast and still get spray leg.
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    Lisa, I'm not sure, but I know that crooked toes can be genetic. I hatched several of one breed once that had crooked toes and I know it wasn't an incubation problem because I had about five breeds in the bator, none of which had any foot problems. If that can be genetic, I don't see why the spraddle leg you are seeing under the broody AND in the bator couldn't be, too.
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    I think it can be either one. In addition, could also be nutritional and if it's winter, that may play a role.
  5. Thanks, I hope the next group doesn't have any 'issues'.
    One of the other Japanese chicks from that bunch nearly made me lose my breakfast this morning.
    This chick would constantly cheep cheep cheep like it was in distress, but I couldn't find a thing wrong with it.
    This morning I was checking it over again and saw a dark speck where its' navel is. When I went to pick it off --- a stream of yellow liquid / goo shot out of its abdomen !! Seemed like a quart of the stuff!!
    It was all over me, all over the brooders and other chicks... Nasty!
    So that's what all the cheeping was about, the poor chick was full of fluid.
    After it finally finished 'draining', I cleaned it up and dotted its' little navel with iodine.
    It's still cheeping constantly but I don't know anything else to do for it. It eats, drinks, and poos normal.
    Any suggestions?
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    Ouch! I think you just picked off it's naval and that liquid was all the yolk it had adsorbed. Like an umbilical cord, in the future, just let it dry up and fall off on it's own. Keep a very close eye on the chick because it can easily dehydrate. I had one chick who's brooder mate did the picking and the yellow yolky liquid went everywhere... chick didn't make it though. Hope yours does. The chick I had that got picked on was a bit of a runt to start with anyways.
  8. That's coincidental. Thanks for the link!

    This is one of the chicks hatched 12/31.
    The chick hatched clean with no trace of an umbilical cord left.
    The spot I picked off wasn't there yesterday and must have been where it was starting to ooze / leak because the poor thing was about to explode.
    That it might be yolk didn't occur to me. The liquid was more clear, almost like thin lemon jelly.

    In fact, it's the chick on the left in this pic:


    It's looking kind of bloaty and sleepy-eyed in the pic already (and I didn't notice til just now).
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    That's odd Lisa, one of the silkies I hatched from you had the same thing happen, that's a perfect description, lemon jelly, there was so much of it! ICK! Weird!! He didn't make it [​IMG] I hope yours does!

    I also had two that had spraddle leg/curled toes from that group too... ??

  10. It is odd, Ashley.
    I've had maybe 5 spraddle leg chicks in the whole time I've been hatching chicks regularly (over 2 years of hatching chicks weekly) and to suddenly have 4 in one hatch is unusual.
    I didn't remember you had a 'lemon jelly belly' chick. I'm sorry [​IMG]
    It is the first time I've seen it here (and hopefully, the last time).


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