Spray of blood in coop - some on feathers...?


7 Years
Apr 9, 2012
I have 4 red sex links and one amber link - so one of my birds is white. I noticed what looked like spots of blood on her feathers hear and on her tail feathers and started looking around - there's no visible signs of a wound that I can see - not her comb, under her feathers, her legs/feet/toenails. I look inside the coop for clues and there's a spray of little dots of blood on the roof and walls of one side at the end of the roost and two dots under the roost - like it dripped.

Now I go back and check all the same things on the other birds - one or two have a few dots of blood on their feathers in the same area - their tail feathers.

There doesn't SEEM to be blood in the poop.

Is it a blood feather?? Should I continue looking for one - on all the birds?

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with their combs but will a wound on the comb be obvious to me?

The coop is a little over 3 X 7 ' and, while nowhere near ideal, is not 'overcrowded'.

Their run is 8X8 and - admittedly - small - but we only use it when we're not out there with them - and I let them free range in the evenings (for fear of hawks that did get one of them recently).

Their roost is a *little* close to the wall - not so much that their tail feathers are all squished although I'd like to move it farther away this summer...

They are just a year now - or will be soon - so they are used to being with each other in that very coop.

I realize there's still the 'clean everything up and wait and see what tomorrow brings' technique - but I was worried that I was missing something and didn't want someone to bleed out.
Could be a blood feather and the chicken flapped her wings. With blood feathers it could be a little blood or alot of blood. If you do see a broken blood feather you could put a little corn startch on it to stop the bleeding. Many times the bleeding will stop on it's own.
I have a Blue & Gold Macaw who broke a blood feather and then flapped his wings while in the kitchen on his perch. It looked like a crime scene, there was blood splatters on the white cabinets on the ceiling on the floor ......everywhere.
Whew! I'll keep poking around for a feather and watch for new blood tomorrow - thank you!

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