Spring chicks in Colorado

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    Mar 24, 2013
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    I will be placing my spring order soon. I am aiming for a delivery of the first week of April.
    Each chick (except for brahmas) will be $6 if picked up within the first week. Prices will go up each week after that.
    I will be ordering the following:

    Buff Laced Polish (S/R)
    Gold Laced Wyandotte
    German Spitzhauben (S/R)
    Easter Eggers
    Dark Brahma ($10/ea)

    Belgian D'Anver (S/R)
    Bantam cochin (S/R)
    Porcelain D'Uccle (S/R)

    and a rainbow assortment of pullets (can include leghorns and rare breeds)

    I will be breeding and hatching the following (or hatching eggs available, prices vary):
    F1 Olive eggers (CCL x BCM, CCL x BA, BCM x EE, BCM x CCL)
    Crested Cream Legbars
    Copper Marans (Blue roo over black pullet)
    Bantam Silkie Easter Eggers
    I might put a heritage BR roo over hatchery BR pullets

    Please let me know soon if you would like any of these so I can make sure I order/hatch enough. As soon as I get the chicks I will try to guess at breeds in the assortment and update this ad.

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