Spring has sprung with a broody vengeance! A funny rant.

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    May 18, 2009
    Spring has sprung, love is in the air and all my hens are going broody!

    We have little Juliet, my serama, who just today hatched a partridge Brahma egg. I love watching her raise babies that are twice her size in just a couple of weeks!

    Chrissie, my banty mamma, is wandering around the yard with her two new foster babies.

    Blackie (Jersey Giant) is locked up in a cage because she is trying to steal Juliet's baby, so tomorrow Juliet and baby will be moved so Blackie can go back to her broodiness.

    Bucky (Black Copper Marans) is on eggs that are pipping as we speak. Domino (Brahma) is eyeing Bucky's eggs and looks like she's seriously thinking about becoming broody, too.

    Buttercup (Brahma) has been occupying the front nest box for about 10 days now.

    Meanie (Brahma), first time mom, hatched her two and then decided she didn't like being a mama. Babies are in the house now doing okay.

    And today we found Penny (Black Copper Marans)! She went missing over the weekend. Today she came screaming out of a bunch of ferns we have growing against our fence. We went on a search and, sure enough, she has a nest under there - more than 12 eggs!

    THAT'S ENOUGH, girls! I'd like to get some eggs to eat, plus, I'm running out of places to keep you and your chicks safe. Can't we take turns and time things a little better?

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