Spring in Scotland??


Tartan Terror
11 Years
Oct 1, 2008

The snowdrops are coming through already? Isn't this still the second week of January or did I hibernate for a while? Normally they don't even think about starting up until the end of Feb, maybe it's because we are usually under a couple feet of snow and I don't see them! Anyone else having things popping up that shouldn't be already?
Pretty Plants
. All of my grass is still dead
Hi, from the other Scotland (AR, USA). We seem to be a little ahead too. My daffodils are about one inch tall already, and I have volunteer lettuce coming up in my garden. It is too early for either.The daffies should come up in late February for a March bloom, but they seem to come earlier and earlier every year.
Same here in France. Last year the whole country was at or below freezing for weeks in December. This year, I've had frost a the farm (1400 ft) only twice. Camelias in full bloom, buds on all the fruit trees, birds migrating back north...just crazy. When it finally hets here, it will cost the fruit growers alot of money I fear.

No snowdrops so far in Lincolnshire UK, but i saw a tortoushell butterfly on 2nd January happily feeding on the blossoms of an early shrub!

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