Spring is tick season too?


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I had a little itch on my side and I scratched but felt something there so I told my DH to look and IT WAS A TICK! He got the head out and burned it. YIKES
Not sure where I picked up a tick, I had been to town after work today. Not near any bushes. Unless it was crawling on my chicken and I was hugging her as I took her from garage to her box in the barn.
I've had horse, dog and children get ticks, but that was my first tick. It itched first, and luckily when I went to scratch and felt something I asked my DH to lood rather than me just scratch it off cuz I did not know it was going to be a tick, I thought zit thing or something. Then I could feel it like biting, luckily it was still very very tiny so it had just got there! They are creepy, to say the least
I think dog ticks are ugly and make me want to heeve. gotta watch out for lyme disease. My friend has it and has to get a shot yearly. Maybe you need to wear some frontline. it smellls good and keeps away them dirty bugs lol
lyme was a first thought. Yikes. Thats terrible about your friend. For the rest of her life get a shot? What is the shot for? Are there ongoing symptoms?
Ewww, I don't know what kind of tick it was. But my trip to town today was to dr cuz I was sick a couple weeks ago and I am now really tired so I was going for a check up and was given antibiotics, so maybe, it can kick any Lyme disease in the butt right away
yeah there is alot of things going on with bugs. including west nile. Please be careful and thwere are ways to prevent further encounters like wearing boots and tucking your pants in them. I wonder iif OFF! spray would work? I know they got one for woods

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