Spring Triplets Pygora


12 Years
Oct 28, 2007
Stanford, KY
My 3 yr old Angora "Rasta Goat" and My 8yr old pygmy "Mamma Goat" produced 3 kids born today . 2 males, 1 Female, if my "quick check" was right. Momma is a usually very docile but she she'd a bit offish when I picked them up so i made it fast. All 3 have very nice white coats with their dad's curl. love it!!


Spring must have sprung and forgot to tell Mother Nature more snow today

Farmer Mack
right And yes they are cute I love the curls, their dad has dreds. At least one of the boys will end up on the market. I have another pair from Mamma, and I'll only be keeping one of those two boys, a brown one thats my bud. Their dad was a brown pygmy
Update - this little doe past away over night. She was the one with her head away from the camera in the front of the picture. I think Momma goat knew as she had pushed this one aside more than once. two boys not what i wanted guess I'll have to craigslist a few boys and see if i can trade them for a female pygmy or pygora. Rasta can give Momma another try late spring

oh la dee oh la dah life goes on.

Farmer Mack
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