Springtime randiness has begun

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  1. AquaEyes

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    Sammy, my DYH Amazon, is beginning his springtime nuttiness -- exploring closets, shredding things, and feeding me. Anyone else have amusing stories about their parrots "under the influence" of springtime hormones? They can be funny and annoying at the same time, but that's part of living with parrots.

  2. theparrotletdude

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    Jul 22, 2011
    LOL I love parrot spring fever.
  3. Chicky-dees

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    Oct 6, 2011
    UGH! is all I can say about this time of year...i have an 8 year old Rose Breasted Gala Cockatoo, all M A L E and he thinks he owns the world right now.

    Usually very interactive, has a vocab of about 25 words and is very charming but no so much when he bit my lip last week! I was doing my usual goodnights and sleep tights (which he responds with goodnight - i love you) but this time instead of his goodnight smoochie, it was CHOMP on my bottom lip. Cut me clean thru to the inside. I should have put a couple of stitches in it, but it was a clean cut and healed right up with barely a blemish in about 4 days.

    Usually I get a warning that he is awash with hormones this time of year, but this time it took me by surprise. You never know what you are going to get when hormones are involved - at least that what my hubby says about me...LOL!!
  4. elmo

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    May 23, 2009
    We have five lineolated parakeets in a large, walk in aviary. Linnies will often perch together close enough to touch. So all five were perching together, shoulder to shoulder.

    Scooby, the adult male, was trying to interest his mate, Poco, in a little shall we say romance? Linnies mate side by side, with each lifting up one leg. So Scooby was lifting up his leg and trying to get Poco to lift up hers. Nothing doing. Poco finally became so irritated that she flew off. So Scooby just sidled down the perch to the next linnie there...it happened to be his own son (we think), Squirt.

    Same routine. Squirt flew off disgruntled, too. And on and on, right down the line until Scooby ran out of flock mates.

    I've heard of "love the one your're with," but this is rather extreme.
  5. AquaEyes

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    It's funny how living with Sammy for 14 years has allowed for a sort of "understanding" between the two of us. Every spring, I endure his antics and attitude as he gets "overstimulated." He doesn't act aggressively towards me (though if I didn't live alone, I don't think others would be safe....haha!), but it's sort of like when a child gets overstimulated -- some things just become too attractive, and there's no "reasoning" with him. With Sammy, it's all about flying around the apartment, seeking dark places in closets or cabinets, and shredding things. I keep chasing after him, sending him back to his cage, and after a while, he'll throw a tantrum of screaming. I try to distract his attention with novel toys or treats that require he "work for his food" but his attention span is so short.

    Well, in the last couple of years, it's almost as though (at the risk of anthropomorphizing) he KNOWS he's being ridiculous and overstimulated, and after battling with him a few times, he'll go into his cage on his own. Then he'll climb to his "sleeping perch" and whine or half-yell until I come by and say "OK, Sammy go sleep now?" and cover him. He'll take a little nap, and then whine to be uncovered in about an hour or so. Then he'll be fine for the rest of the day.

    It's hard being a pet owner NOT to anthropomorphize, but it's as though he seems to get uncomfortable from the overstimulation and is demanding I give him a quiet "time out" to calm down. If I don't submit to his request for "quiet time", he'll keep whining and half-yelling, building into a crescendo. But as soon as he's covered, he settles down.

    Thankfully, by May this behavior is usually gone.......


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