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    so I decided to sprout some field peas because they weren't eating them otherwise, this is going on the 3rd day and they have sprouted but they have also started drawing gnats. did I do something wrong? I soaked overnight so for about 10 hours and then have rinsed about every 1/2 day. thoughts? Thanks!
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    Dec 5, 2010
    Hi ash10383,

    I find sprouts attract bugs (I think they're called vinegar flies, not 100% sure) when they've started to break down or ferment. This can happen for various reasons, but some common ones are:

    - not enough soaking water per grain (a quarter bucket grain to three quarters fresh cold water is best to stop fermentation)
    - soaked too long (over 12 hours)
    - not draining properly (hanging in a shadecloth bag works really well) or not rinsing properly (if they clump together then the ones in the core may not get enough moisture)
    - hanging in too warm a spot
    - rodents getting to either the soaking grains/water, or the hanging grains, and their droppings contaminating the batch

    I had a real problem with sprouts going off, and it turned out to be from rodent droppings. Mice or rats were perching on the rim of the full soak-bucket overnight, scooping seeds off the surface and defecating into the water. That little bit of contamination was enough to cause the grains to rot before fully sprouting, no matter how often I hosed them down.

    Just some thoughts for you, hope they help.


    Edit to add: a lid on the soak bucket works wonders if it's mice or rats.
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