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10 Years
Jan 3, 2010
I made sure I just sat there and let them interact with me on their terms when mine where younger.
They are still young but are outside and losing there down on the it heads & about a foot tall.
I also talked to them we they chirped loudly.
So now as soon as they hear me or see me they will still chirp loudly and I answer them by talking to them they come running and still come up to me on their terms for a neck rub or a chin rub. They are freindly to me and have never tried to spur or peck at me (as long as I have no shiny buttons or my rings on they love my Wedding bands.
Even then it is more like wow whats that. Not a I want to hurt you.
Durning breeding time is when you would have to worry the most about anything like that.
Just beware of what gets them going (rings,shiny buttons,belts,new people)
That way you can avoid anything like that from happening.
If you have kids I would make sure that they know the turkeys and that the turkeys know them from the start.
Best of luck!


8 Years
Mar 12, 2011
Covington, LA
The one I raised myself has never been aggressive towards me. The one I bought as an adult has spurred me twice. If you raise it yourself there shouldnt be a problem, but its always good practice to keep an eye on where they're at


9 Years
Apr 7, 2010
Eastern IA
I have 3 turkeys I bought at an auction last fall and they started out pretty nice. This spring however when the female started laying the two toms turned into absolute demons. Since the hen is now settng on 15 eggs and doesn't need to be out I keep them locked up in a large coop in the barn and let them out a bit in the afternoons while I do chores. They are pretty well behaved if we walk around with a broom to defend ourselves with, but if they see us unarmed they go for blood. I haven't been spurred but they do try and their wings hit hard enough to leave some pretty good bruises! I was hoping they'd get over it but they are only getting worse. My plan now is to send them both to freezer camp as soon as the hen hatches her eggs
Maybe sooner if they keep irritating the horses. I have 4 poults I hatched in an incubator so I hope I can raise a nice one for next year's flock tom.

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