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Apr 14, 2010
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I see coops with square perches. Are square preferred over round dowels. I've been purchasing expensive closet dowels, but I saw a beautiful outdoor aviary that had naturla branches (huge ones) wedged in. Which I;d like to do in future - but never thought the zquares would be comfortable for their feet
Their feet sit flat on the "square perches". Ideally in cold climates it allows their bodies to fully cover their toes and keep them warmer. I worry that closet dowels may be too small a diameter to be comfortable for grown up chicken feet. If the perch is too small it creates a balance issue.
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Interesting and makes great sense to keep feet warm. May also keep their nails worn a bit too..... Does it affect their natural roosting position of toes wrapped around a branch? I use bamboo from the natural forest now (dowels are very expensive here) but what size lumber would be appropriate for seramas to perch? Do you sand it down or just look for nicer peices as roosting boards?
aha! if youre chickens are just little seramas the dowels would probably actually be fine (or dowel sized bamboo
). sleeping with their feet flat should not affect their natural ability to wrap their toes around things and any size should be fine as long as its not too teeny tiny. I suppose with bantams it would be good to not have too large of a board just so that they cant poop on it. Shouldnt need to be sanded either, but mine just use 2x4s so there really isnt anything to sand anyway. A lot of people use real branches as perches and they work perfectly fine and look really nice
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If you use sawed lumber, I suggest you sand off the edges. That is not so much for the comfort of them wrapping their toes around the edges but to avoid splinters that can lead to bumblefoot.

For what it's worth, here is a shot of my roosts. I know it does not get that cold here. My lowest overnight lows have only been a little below 0* Fahrenhiet. I have not had any issues with them roosting on these tree branches.

Mine are on 14 inch shelves covered with vinyl flooring, I couldn't for the life of me get them to perch right on a roost. They prefer to be piled on top of each other.
When I had both 2x2s (1.5"X1.5") and 1.25" dowels, they prefered the dowels. I have since removed the dowels because of positioning issues (not enough space). The new coop that I'm fixin to build will have about 2' natural branches.

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