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    My raised bed squash bed is doing well this summer since I have kept all of the deer chased out of the yard. (ask me no questions) Yellow squash and Zuchinni that have gotten too big I feed to the feathered clan that are clucking about here. Some of the Zuchinni can grow to look like base ball bats. I just crush it up in a bucket with a 2 x 4 - like a mortar and pestle, and they eat all but the toughest parts. I'm certain i've saved some on feed.

    Next year maybe I can grow more vegetable supplements for them since the price of all commercial feed is going up along with the oil.

  2. I'd love to see photos! I'm growing two kinds of squash this year, pumpkins, nasturtiums, peas and sunflowers for the girls...
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    I didn't take any pix when it was at its glory but will try to get a couple - if I think they don't look too bad... We have good spot to grow in the river bottom but the deer have increased dramatically here, so I hauled tons of bottom soil up to our house on the ridge to make 5ft wide x 25ft long raised beds. I plant them SOILD with seed. We have crowder peas coming on, gobs of tomatoes and okra. First planting of green beans isht kaput so I will fill that bed with purple hull peas.

    Lo and behold Bambi showed up here in the yard too! - 25ft. from the house. I harvest (kill and then eat) about four each fall/winter but that hasn't even slowed them down. Here are some lounging around in the far back yard last spring when I didn't garden. There were three small bucks that I dubbed the three amigoes. We have tons of predatory varmints living here above the small river and the coyotes will come right into the yard. Killed a solid black wolf a few years ago, and Rattlesnakes are common - some prize winners too!

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    Apr 21, 2008
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    My 6wk olds love their zucchini and squash too,
    I didn't check the garden the day before yesterday so there we're tons of veggies, unfortunately a lot went in the zucchini bread (it's really good [​IMG] ) I'm sure there will be enough for the girls though, theres still a bunch in the house.
    Cucumbers are a favorite as well, we have one over half a foot long :eek: that will probably be bird food.

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    We have a large garden too. Since my surgery I can't have solid food so my share of veggies are going to the girls. I like giving them fresh veggies and the only complaint I get is "give me more!"
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    Wow...you have wolves in Arkansas? They've been hunted to extinction in CA. [​IMG] Is it legal to kill them?
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    Jun 8, 2008
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    I grow ... nasturtiums

    What part of the nasturtiums do you give to the chickens? I have some growing in my flower garden right now

    Where are the wolves in Arkansas? They're in the U.P. of MI and near Onaway in the Lower Peninsula​

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