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Jun 2, 2012
We got back from a few days of vacation to find one of our hens just squatting on the ground and not wanting to move. The rooster tried to mate her several times and we shooed him off. She will get up and move a little then just squats back down. Her legs look OK and the wings all look right. We found that her vent area is dirty, and there is a red, swollen area to the side. She has pooped in the last 24 hours but has not layed an egg yet.
We have her in a seperate pen now with food and water. She drinks water and ate some scratch, but then walks a few feet and squats down and doesnt move for awhile. We are thinking we will
*keep her seperated from the others for awhile.
* clean up her vent area
*give her some yogurt
We have only had these 10 hens and one rooster for two weeks. We don' t know much about the heatlh issues of chickens. Any suggestions on what the problem is or what else we need to do? We don't really want to do the vet thing. If she doesn't get better, will it be safe to cull her for the meat or better to just dispose of her? Any advise or thoughts would be appreciated.


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May 3, 2009
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Check her sides in the area where her thighs are attached to the body. It is possible that the rooster has injured her with his toenails or spurs.


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May 13, 2012
I read a few books and you may want to get more hens so the current ones aren't getting mated with too much. That might lower rooster injuries over time.

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