Nov 22, 2020
Hello all, I’ve been reading in here for a few months and I finally signed up and have something to share and hopefully learn about from people with ducks.
I have three female ducks, they are 3 months old.
I have had them since 2 days old. They have a fenced in yard with two pools, a mud pit, blackberries and lots of room to free range. They also have a covered patio where I put lots of food stations and they have a house with plenty of warm cozy straw. I’m sharing all of this because recently one of the ladies has been squawking a lot....very loud and I’m not sure why or if there’s anything I can do to keep her quieter. Typically they squawk when they want to come out in the morning, when they’re ready for bed. I’ve noticed they calm down as the day goes on but today she was very loud. Not sure if she is upset about something or if it could be hormones. My neighbors are ok with them but I am really concerned about the increase in her squawking. I read in another group their hormones can cause some behavioral changes. They also have been showing mating behavior in the pool. Is her behavior due to age, hormones? Was she upset or felt threatened? How does duck behavior change (or not) as they get older? I had ducks as a kid and they never did this. Thanks for any guidance. I don’t want my neighbors to get mad.
(we are in a residential area but planning to move into the country as soon as we can find a place. I’ve talked to all of my neighbors about them but these past few days, the one duck, Sunshine has been extra loud)
Welcome! We are happy you are here!

<---- That duck right there? She's a squawker. She'll be 6 in a few months and ever since she found her quack she's been demanding things at the top of her voice. She's very entitled and has been since I got her as a day old duckling. If she sees me though the windows, if she hears my car pull up, if she decides it is time for a walk, if we are 5 seconds late to let them out in the morning or 5 seconds late to put them to bed at night - QUACK, QUACK QUACK!!! Then there is her other shout quack, when she sees something alarming. She's the head duck at the top of the pecking order, and I suspect that it is her job to alert the other ducks of danger. So if there is a scary hawk flying over, or just a new person walking into the backyard - QUACK, QUACK QUACK!!! My cayuga was also a squawker for all the same reasons before she passed away. I suspect it has a lot to do with personality, breed is likely a factor, and I have a theory that perhaps their place in the pecking order plays a part as well. My two most submissive ducks have been very quiet, rarely quacking.

We have 5 acres in the country so it isn't a big deal, but I could see how it would be concerning in a different situation.

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