Squirrels eating chicken eggs


10 Years
Nov 15, 2009
San Diego, California
Quote:Again, shoot the jerk pets. I used to have so many of them, I started trapping them and driving them off to a very far place. I'm thinking of just shpooting them, but I don't have a gun for that.

OK, I AM NOT EATING A SQUIRREL FROM DINNER! I live in Los Angeles, and I am too snobby to eat squirrel. YUCK!!!!!!!

Even my friend from the hollers of eastern Kentucky is too snobby to eat squirrel.


10 Years
Dec 4, 2009
Kill and eat the squirrel that way you won't feel bad, if you don't want to eat it the boil it for the dogs;)


10 Years
Jul 26, 2009
i know what you mean. i went out this morning i noticed a egg out side the coup and i don't remmber leaving one out there. well i thought maybee i did. i had noticed a squirel run off when i whent out to let them out. i had been blameing the chickens on eating the eggs but maybe it is the squirrels..............i don't know what we are going to do..


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Apr 14, 2010
Howell, NJ
I have Coyotes, Racoons, and Fox after my flock everyday. Now squirrels? lol. My coop is as secure as ft knox. I let them out at 7am and get them back in around 6pm and have not had one bird taken yet. I am not going to raise the birds in an enclosed cage. They freerange all day. If a predator shows up looking for an easy meal I deal with it with my .22 also. I feed, shelter, and protect my flock. I think the birds expect you too. I haven't had to shoot anything yet. I think mostly to the routine and coop design.

My neighbor was loosing one or two a day. They roost in his barn and it is open all night. He got tired of it and bought two Lamas. He says the Lamas will run the chickens, goats, and ducks into the barn at night then lay in the doorway and protect them. Since he has gotten the Lamas he has not lost one animal. The Lamas protect the barnyard day and night lol. I haven't seen this first hand but he swears to it.

So there are your choices. Get a gun. Build a fortified bunker coop lol. Or buy a Lama.


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Jun 21, 2010
Quote:sustainable ... check
free range ... check
organically grown ... check
hormone and chemicial free ... check
yummy ... check
seems win win as long as its life/meat is not a waste

my problem is if a nutty is shot and killed for nothing or just left to rot like so many buffalo and fin-less sharks


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Jun 28, 2010
Middle Tennessee
If owls and other animals can kill squirrels why would it be against nature for people to?
Aren't we part of nature? I never understand why some people think eating animals is wrong for humans
but okay for mountains lions or other meat eating animals.


9 Years
May 2, 2010
Quote:Are you kidding?? Haven't you ever seen a squirrel run the length of an electric or phone wire? They are little tightrope walkers for sure! The best thing I have found to keep the squirrels at bay, are CATS. Not pretty little house cats, tough as nuts, outdoors, barn cats! We had one squirrel last year that loved my walnut tree. He would come in from the west side of the house, jump from that tree to the house roof, jump to the Catalpa tree in the front, then down to the ground to the walnuts. Once the cats spotted him, they did not pounce right away, but watched him. Poor Mr. Squirrel had NO idea that my cats also sit on the roof. One morning on his typical run, as he was headed back towrds the west side, he jumped from the Catalpa onto the roof, and was promptly met by two of my cats! If I hadn't watched it, I never would've believed these cats could be so cunning! They figured it out and caught their prize. I have 8 outdoor cats. No problems with squirrels, sparrows eating the feed, pigeons, or rabbits. Or SNAKES! These are snake killing machines, even the Copperheads. My smallest cat will yearly bring me a "prize" and deposit it on the front porch. Last year, it was a 3.5' black snake.


10 Years
Oct 29, 2009
does anyone have a design for a squirrel-proof nest wherein the eggs are inaccessible to these pesky rodent?. my flock free-ranges and access door in and out are always open. fort-knox coop is not an option.


8 Years
Feb 20, 2011
I'll have to agree with a cat. I rescued one from a barn when he was so big he fit in one hand. now he'll take out anything that goes near the birds. It's too bad he was asleep in the house when a fox came by last night. As for squirrels, there's really nothing they can't fit thru that a chicken can't. But they never harmed the girls, other than taking their treats.

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