SSA , Army and VA giving me a headache UPDATE!!!

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    Got to rant a bit. My husband George(44) is a US Soldier since 1996 , been deployed to the Balkans and almost deployed to Afghanland in 2010. During the pre deploy check ups they found he had Type 2 diabetes and they didn't let him go even though he wanted to go. And from there his health went down fast. Fast forward at a bunch of more issues. March 2013 he had to start a medical retirement. They found him unfit for duty for Bi-polar, PTSD, OCD, and diabetes. Both his knees and his left ankle have arthritis. They knees will have to replaced within 5 years, the gall bladder needs to go and they want to do a Nissen procedure because of his hiatal hernia, at this time they will also repair his umbilical hernia.
    His back is bad, he has chronic carpal AND radial tunnel in both arms/hands. Its hurts when he walks because he also has peripheral neuropathy in both feet and plantar fasciitis. He has to take 12+ meds every day.
    I hate what the Army turned my husband into. He is like a shell of his former self. He pretty much is cooped up in the bedroom all day. Today he even ate Christmas dinner in there. He cant even go to recitals or concerts if the kids have them. Last time he went he freaked out after 15 minutes and had to leave. He hasn't ridden his Harley in almost two years, sopped playing golf, fishing hunting... everything stopped. On a good day his GAF is at a 55 and on a bad day he might dip down to 47-50.

    Right now we are waiting on the ARMY and VA to tell us the percentage of all his disabilities. But the VA is so freaking back up its not funny anymore. He also applied for SSDI as a wounded warrior. WE tried without and the SSA employee shut him down the first day. Because my husband does the "duties" of a carpenter ,who would make an equiv, of 27$ a hour. Horse Doody!!!! . He barely functions. He sleeps until like 8.30am, drags himself to work or doc around 9 am for accountability. At work he isn't even allowed to do computer work , because he would just take to long or make mistakes and screw it up. So he "works" maybe 1-3 hours a week doing stuff like hanging a picture, replacing TP, paint door... Beginning of December they kept him busy by having him decorate a large Christmas card for display on Brooks field in Ft Knox. SO we(I) contact or state rep and also our governor to help. We also got a disability lawyer involved.
    I am soo sick and tired of Army life and hurry up and wait. I just want to get him to a nice quiet place. I hope living rural and with a quiet life - that he atleast will get to the living room and eventually go outside to just enjoy the world again. Being able to open the blinds would be cool too. But for now id be just cool if he was in the LR more often.
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    Sounds like life really sucks right now. I'm so sorry for you all.

    You didn't really ask, but two things came to mind reading your post.....

    Has he tried a wheat/gluten and sugar free diet? I'm a huge believer wheat and all the high carb crap we eat is killing us. Won't get on my soapbox here, you can research that if you're so inclined. I just think it could help so many of his symptoms.

    Second--we have a program through the local VA that pays the spouse/caregiver of the veteran who has a service related mental health disability. I did some contract work with them doing RN assessments. Not sure if it's available everywhere, and you'd probably need that disability statement first, of course. I have no idea how much $ was involved for the caregiver, but every little bit helps. They took into account things the wife/cg had to do like cooking, shopping, meal prep, money management and general emotional support. So many wives of combat vets literally CAN'T work as their husbands can't function without that spousal support. Something to look into.

    I sympathize with your frustration with the VA. They're so difficult to work with, and hurry up and wait doesn't even begin to cover it [​IMG]
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    My grandfather fought during WWII and has become disabled over the years partly from experiences during the war and partly due to old age. He fought for aid from the veterans and it took a long time. He almost have up on several occasions and it was constant back and forth, despite multiple letters from multiple doctors confirming his mental and physical disabilities due to his time in the army.

    Anyway, him and my grandmother did not give up and it was more than worth all the headaches. They ended up getting 100% assistance from the VA.

    He is not the only I have heard about that has had troubles getting assistance. They really put soldiers and their families through the wringer which is so wrong.

    Anyway, I wish you best of luck. Definitely don't give up. I would suggest talking to your husband about seeing a therapist though if he doesn't already. That would probably start to help him work through any mental blocks holding him back.
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    Nov 7, 2013
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    My daughter-in-law works for the VA, reviewing cases pending for benefits. She is thoroughly frustrated at the backlog, which she says has gotten much worse the past few years. She and her co-workers are working mandatory overtime trying to catch up. But, when the government went into partial shutdown, this administration determined that her department was not crucial, so they were all on hiatus for a couple weeks. Really!!!
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    He is already seeing a therapist and a psychologist. Otherwise they cant find him unfit for Duty . Matter of fact he is going back tomorrow. He takes 2-3 meds just for his mental condtions, which turn him into a zombie. Stynch , that shut down was a killer, on average the Service members wait now 150 days, though the last average showed the average is 146. But with Christmas ,Chanukah and all other holidays they prob. go right back up.
    If all goes well we will go in march for a long weekend to Galinburg TN, renting a cabin in the mountains for three nights. THis way we all get a quiet break.
    Donrae, the caregiver program would be awesome, I hear from other spouses the SM has to be atleast 75% disabled, we don't have Georges percentage yet. He is ,according to E-benefits , in the ratings phase right now, sitting there since 12/7/13.
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    VA backlog: It was like that when I retired from the Navy in 1992, 2 years to get 20%.
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    So sad our veterans are not helped faster and better. Nothing else to add.

    Thank you all for your service. I am just a homemaker but am really grateful our country is safe because of you all (and wives supporting).
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    Mar 22, 2008
    Annetta Kentucky
    We are hoping for 70%Army and 90% VA. I kind of wish they had two different departments, one that processes new claim and one that only processes claims by people that already have been approved and now seek adjustment. the latter are the majority and seem to hold up the line for the people trying to get out. Not trying to offend current vets, but I am tired of my husband being miserable and him having to do jobs that they could task out to a healthy private. By the time they'd get him to a wounded warrior unit he'd be pretty much out. I wish the VA would get their tush up and atleast have the decency to give him an estimated date. But all me get is "at this time we cannot... bla bla bla" . You cant plan a move on that.
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    Mar 22, 2008
    Annetta Kentucky
    I called the VFW and DAV when they denied him SSDI. THe one told secretary told me they don't help AD Soldiers and the other told me that Wounded Warriors can NOT get SSDI while still on Active Duty. Which is WRONG. A WW can DRAW SSDI when s/he is unable to perform his regular duties. That's why we got a local SS lawyer helping us. This law firm do hundreds of those cases a year . On the upside , on Saturday he got a big envelope from the SSA office. They want him to go to a physical examination.

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