St. Gabriel Organics it safe...?


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May 14, 2009
I bought this DE at the farm supply to feed my chickens and put down in their coop....and have done so. But now, I'm wondering if it is the safe kind. It says: Silicon Dioxide 85%, other element oxides 10%. I even put it all over my dogs, and in their kennel. Am I killing my pets? Please help? This DE issue is soooo confusing. I thought with it being would be safe!! It says insect dust. Help?!!
I'm pretty sure that is NOT the right kind. Their website shows what I think is their new kind. If it has a head with sharp teeth on the front it is not food grade. You don't want that much silicon in it.

eta: I just did some research and food grade DE has less than 1% silicon.
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Thank you so much. I, too, just found their website and discovered the same. I'm so glad. I was really worried. Thanks again!
No, mine looks like the one they show on their website. It does sound like alot of silicone. However, it does say that it is made from Food Grade DE. Mine does NOT have the head with teeth...
Hmmm... wonder why the difference in silicon? Perma guard's food grade DE has less than 1%.
Another question I had was......after this "dust" gets out in a dog kennel, from it still effective or do I need to reapply?
I also bought some of the same kind. My bag says something like Pet Approved brand on the front. Only used it for a little while becasue I bought some from the feed store that says it can be fed to live stock. The new DE even looks differnt than the one from St. Garbriel. The St. Gabriel is kinda grey where this new kind is white. Dont know if that matters or not.

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